Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive all the final information, maps etc?
Approximately 2 weeks before your date of travel.

Where do I collect my villa keys?
These will be sent at the same time as your Final Information package. Where possible, if the group is large, we try and send two keys, but you can always ask for an additional key from the House Manager and then return that key at the end of your stay.

Can we collect the car from the Airport itself/ can we be collected from the Airport and taken to the villa/ can the car be delivered to the villa?
Whatever combination suits you we can provide, both on arrival and departure.

Can we go into the villa before 2 p.m. on arrival?
Yes. We have an "Early Access" arrangement which enables you to arrive at the villa from 11 a.m., onwards, leave your luggage and sit by the pool. At this point you will be under the strict "control" of your maid who can show you which rooms are ready. The one off charge for this is between 25 and 35 depending on the size of your party.

Is there a "Welcome Pack"?
Yes. You should find on your arrival, tea, coffee, milk, sugar and bottled water, rolls and butter with tomatoes, ham or cheese. Each bathroom will have a toilet roll and guest soap.

Is there maid service?

Yes, generally in the morning, 3 days a week, unless stated on the individual villa information (except Feast Days or Public Holidays). She will only do the washing up if the dishwasher is out of action for any reason.

Can we use the washing machine?
No, only with the maid's assistance, as she relies on the machine for the villa laundry and cannot afford it being mishandled. She will be happy to do the washing for you at a small charge of 3 Euros per load which will include the powder

Can we use the telephone?

Yes, for all local outgoing calls and for all incoming calls. The telephone number of your villa will be at the top of the map supplied with your holiday pack in case you need to leave the details back here in the UK.

Is there a TV and what channels can we expect to receive?
At the current time there are problems with the satellite over the whole of Europe, which is a nuisance.  The majority of villas will have a television with the "Free to Air" channels which generally include BBC1, 2 and 3 and ITV 1 and 2. We are working with the owners to ensure that all villas have this facility as soon as possible. Please contact us for more details.

Is there a safe in the villa?
Yes. This will normally be found in the kitchen in one of the cupboards or in the master bedroom. If your villa has a safe in an unusual place this will be shown on your "Breakage Deposit Form" which will be sent along with your Package of Information and keys, etc. It is essential that you use the safe immediately upon your arrival for your passports, tickets, money and jewellery.

Who can I contact if there is a problem?
All our villas have their own personal "House Manager" who is there to assist with any problem connected with the villa. There is an "out of hours" number in case of real difficulty which you will find in your Package of Information. We are always available if you need to ring us.

Can we stay in the villa after 10a.m. on departure?
No, but we do have a "Day Room" with ensuite bathroom at the Carvoeiro Sol Hotel located by the beach in the village. The charge is 60 for up to 4 peo
ple, 75 for 5 to 6 people and 90 for 7 to 9 people. Large parties would be a combination of these prices.
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